Who We Are

Meghalaya's Treasures
We believe there are undiscovered treasures in the hills of Meghalaya.

Abundant rainfall, rich soil, high altitude, hilly terrain, fresh air and clean water. These natural conditions combined with traditional farming methods produces unusual plants and crops found in few places in the world.

Zizira's hunt for these treasures, covers what is considered by some to be 'the richest most biodiverse region in India'.

With our knowledge of the local languages and cultures, we are able to draw from ancient wisdom and folk medicine. While you enjoy our flavorful products daily, be reminded of the importance of good farming methods. We are working hard to not only give you authentic products but to also work together with small family farmers in Meghalaya.

When you buy Zizira's products, together we create the process of regenerative and sustainable farming.

People Behind Zizira
Everyone at Zizira is here for a reason. Passionate, honest, creative, focused and resourceful,
with integrity at their core.

Departments or positions do not differentiate us. We are all part of one team, aggressive
and passionate to find the right solutions for our customers.

We are committed to bring great plant based solutions & products to your table. Customers experienced our care.


Why We Exist

Health conscious people are in search of the power properties in plants. They don't believe treating minor symptoms and ailments with medicines. They tap into nature's power - natural remedies, herbal cure, and a healthy lifestyle. This process is slow but highly effective.

It's for these customers that Zizira aims to be a catalyst by strengthening organic family farms and introducing higher value medicinal plants and crops. People in India and abroad, will have access to the rich resource that the region of Meghalaya and Northeast India has to offer.

People now have the opportunity to enjoy the regenerative qualities of medicinal plants in the same way the tribes have for generations.

We are Explorers

We are plant hunters, searching the hills for the best of the best. We are on a quest for unique treasures of Meghalaya, seeking out super foods and medicinal herbs that are little known outside the Northeast of India. Our effort will help the ever increasing number of people seeking healthy living as a choice.

Partners With Farmers

We are working towards creating a regenerative ecosystem. Our goal is to build a strong relationship with farmers as they grow crops organically and regenerate their land. We consider them as our thinking partners and ourselves as co-labors with farmers. We honor their diligent work.

Our History

After 10 Years of our successful startup company, Chillibreeze, we are now spreading to new areas, agriculture.

Because most farmers were growing only enough to subsist and because there is so much under-realized potential in the area of agricultural produce, Zizira was launched.

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