Our Team

Meet the team of explorers and plant hunters!

We are here for folks who want to revive & regenerate their health the natural way. “Making Northeast Farmers Famous” is one important part of our vision.

Everyone at Zizira is here for a reason. Passionate, honest, creative, focused and resourceful,
with integrity at their core.


The youngest and notorious of us all. Elisha, comes in to work every day with ideas flowing in from her imaginary unicorn. A self-proclaimed painter with itchy hands to try out photography and designing. Loves to Chill in her off time but when at work she gives a race for money to even the best writers around with her fancy words!

Loves to show his 32 teeth every day, with the weirdest laughs. The prankster and the joker, with the face of an obvious liar. The supersonic who is always on the move, getting things done! Reliability is one thing that stands out when it comes to his personality.

Bubbly and cheerful, she is one person with the loudest laugh in the room! To top it off her laughter is so contagious that it will get you laughing too. Passionate about work and does not shy away from any challenges. Loves dogs, old books and bus rides on a rainy day.

A football fanatic who has real sportsmanship that shows in his work ethics. An outdoor person who is adventurous, he is someone who’d spent his time with nature rather than watching a movie at a theatre. Loves to play pranks with everyone and makes serious jokes to break the ice! He is driven by uniqueness and believes in impactful value and finds joy to see
others grow.

The funny man of the team, cracking jokes everywhere he goes, he laughs the loudest at his own jokes. The communicator and PR of our team. The chatter box full of life, who’s day does not end well if he does not bring a smile to someone’s face. He loves to dance and way too competitive when it comes to silly games.

This guy is definitely low key when it comes to humour but when he’s in the mood of popping jokes he will get you laughing. He called himself Iron man, but the team thinks he looks more like Eustace, from the cartoon Courage the Cowardly dog. (giggling).

Passionate about photography and works 8 days a week. When he is relaxed we found out that he tells jokes too. An adrenaline junkie who loves anything fast. His hunger to learn is endless even if it means doing it the old school way, by himself. Guided by principals and values to get the job done, even if it means burning the midnight lamp.

The quiet and mischievous one of the lot. Don’t get swayed by his canny smile. A master of numbers, who’s got a fierce reputation when dealing with complicated calculations. There isn’t anything that needs to be done, he would say ‘no’ to. The first at work and the last to leave, a true captain of his ship.

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