About Us

Zizira is a notable manufacturer and supplier of Herbs, Raw Honey, Tea, Health Blends, Turmeric Combos, etc. We have been offering pure and natural products by discovering the treasures in the hills of Meghalaya. We have vast knowledge of the local languages and cultures that help us finding the ancient wisdom and medicines. We provide authentic products with the aid of small family farmers in Meghalaya. We aim to be a catalyst by ensuring to strengthen the organic family farms and introducing unmatched medicinal plants and crops. We work towards creating a productive and regenerative ecosystem by building strong relationships with farmers. They cultivate crops organically to ensure to provide maximum benefits of the nature to the world.


After 10 years of inception of Chillibreeze, we are now expanding our business to agriculture. To spread the under-realized potential of agricultural produce, Zizira was established in 2015 at Shillong (Meghalaya, India).


Our Mission
To explore the Northeastern region for agribusiness and provide the best to the world.


Responsible Sourcing
We only source heirloom and non-GMO Lakadong Turmeric. Farmers from Jaintia Hills are our partners, who employ traditional farming practices to provide the best. The land of cultivation is free from pesticides, insecticides and other harmful chemicals. In addition, only traditional methods of farming from are used in the production.


Quality Assurance
To avoid any physical, chemical or biological adulteration, we take precautions for controlling these factors at food processing facility. We give extra care to remove freshly harvested turmeric rhizomes and the fingers. Then, the whole lot is soaked in clean water for 10 minutes to loosen the dirt particles.


Drying Chambers
We have solar, gas and wood-burning dryer used for swift drying of slices to make them free of moisture within 4 hours. They also ensure to remove the fungal and other microbial growth. In addition, the temperatures are above 100°C to get rid of any lurking pathogen. They are fully dried within the next 48 hours. We have oxygen and silica gel absorber to dry the products before grinding, sieving and packaging. We also keep silica gel pouches in the packages to control the humidity.

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